Being amazingly creative in many fields, Janine found a niche in styling florals and blooms, and does an amazing job at it. Living in the beautiful city that is Cape Town, Janine has this true knack for putting beauty together, be it in bouquets, or table decorations, or making creations for styled shoots.



WHAT IS YOUR TITLE/JOB – Floral Stylist/Foraging Florist




Did becoming a floral crafter, find you? I have always had a love for nature. My aunt is a florist and my grandmother owned a flower shop when I was growing up so it was always in front of me, I just never knew that it was something that I want to pursue.

After working in the wedding industry as an Editor and Stylist a few years back, I became more aware of all the different service offerings in the industry and becoming a service provider in some regard has always been in the back of my mind, but it was actually a more recent conversation with a wedding photographer friend of mine that influenced me to consider becoming a floral stylist. And here we are.

Would you say your style is specific – do you follow a trend in particular? Is this something you would advise people against – following anyone, or anything in particular? I think that everyone copies concepts from either Instagram or Pinterest, but in the end make it their own.

I follow many florists online and they all inspire me, but it’s very hard to perfectly replicate something someone else is doing with flowers. Botanicals are just too unpredictable and it all comes down to the relationship between the types of flowers, the textures they create, their overall movement when structured together. These and many other rules determine the final outcome.

I would say that my style is whimsical, loosely arranged, messy with a real down to earth feel. I try to keep it classic. Floral trends are constantly evolving and I am sure that I will be experimenting a lot along the way.

Would you like to still be doing what you’re doing until the end of time? How do you keep your style authentic? Is it an ever-evolving trend, or do you make every arrangement fresh, based on a new idea or brief, or even just personal preference? I really think that I’ve found my ‘thing’, my place in this world and I doubt I will pursue anything else again. For now, I also work as a part-time social media manager, sometimes décor stylist, and a soon-to-be mom.

I’m still learning every day and every project is different, but I think good floral design is the result of good planning, having a vision of the outcome, keeping in mind the objective of the work, the person it’s for and creating form and beauty with your own unique stamp on it.

Why working with your hands specifically, and flowers….? And the pieces you make, where did the idea for it start? Many years ago my husband and I were still dating and living in different countries. We would pluck leaves on our daily journey to our destinations, press them and post it to each other. Since I have pressed so many botanicals, but never really did anything with it.

In 2015, I started playing around with possible ways to cache and preserve dried plant material and after a few pieces of broken glass and framing issues, I finally found a way to assemble and treasure these beautiful organic samples of nature. And now I can’t stop creating Pressed Botanical Art.

It just made sense to combine this craft with a floral styling service. The great thing is that I never waste any plant material.

Is art alive still, in the way you would like for it to be? What future does it have? What place does art hold in design, if at all, and how do you incorporate it? Design is very thought-through where art comes from within. I think that the beauty of working with flowers especially is that you can combine the rules of design with the natural process of creating with an organic material that is very unpredictable.

Art is very much alive and will always be. I do however think that everything has been done. If you look around you, you will notice that almost everyone is copying someone.

With access to the internet, it’s hard to know where an idea originated from.

If you were to sum up the current artistic, creative climate in your country, what would you say it is, or how would you describe it – is it a bunch of artists working together on projects, or everyone more for himself? Has this too, changed over time? Do you WANT it to be more collaborative, or do you prefer going at it on your own? The world has evolved in such a way that everything is collaborative. Collaboration is something that is just part of the way we live. The internet connects us all, we all work in collaborative spaces, whether it’s working in a shared studio space, managing a project for a client, working on a film set, running a restaurant, organizing events or whether you share your work online with others. We all share what we do with each other in some way or another. We are all dependent on each other’s likes, following, support and partnership.

If it is independence that you choose it’s okay, but I do feel that you can develop by working with other creatives. You can feed off each other’s ideas and share the recognition together. We all need each other. Especially in the wedding and events industry.


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