Natalie Field is a conceptual portraiture and fashion photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and she makes art of commercial commissions. Her brand is focused on fashion, beauty and commercial commissions.

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY – Field Photography cc T/A Natalie Field Photography


WHAT IS YOUR TITLE/JOB – Photographer & Digital Artist. Also Art Director, Stylist, Retoucher, Business Manager, and the list goes on…





What is your story on how you became a photographer? If anyone inspired, you significantly who would that be/were they? I did art at school and always felt it was my calling. When it came time to study at university level I was concerned about the stereotype of being a “poor, struggling artist”.

Photography seemed like a good option as it is a craft that can be practised both artistically and commercially. So I went for a tour of the photography department at the NMMU I Port Elizabeth. The lecturer showing me the campus told me that I would have to be prepared to spend a lot of time on my own both shooting and developing (this was still in the film days in 2000), and that I would spend even more time working in the dark with chemicals and that my hands would go yellow! Not having really experienced photography before this all put me off and I decided to do Fashion Design instead.

What was I thinking? I am terrible at sewing and hadn’t done a relative subject since grade 7. I did however enjoy drawing the designs and developing the characters. After three weeks the department had the option of opting out of the course at no cost to you, and I took the opportunity to quit while I was ahead. Instead I went to the UK to do the 2-year working program, and ended up spending 3 years backpacking around thirteen countries. During my travels I fell in love with photography and when my money finally ran out I returned home to study… you guessed it… photography. I had come full circle, and ended up in that same lecturer’s class in my first year. And I loved it.

What is your favourite genre, and in what type of photography would you consider yourself great at? My favourite genre is conceptual portraiture, I enjoy the narrative of such images, and the questions (or answers) that they leave the viewer with. I would say it is my greatest strength. For me it is a platform to express my emotions and the thoughts I ponder upon. Recurring themes in my imagery revolve around consciousness, metamorphosis (change), evolution and the transmigration of the soul.   

Your biggest goal when shooting would be? To evoke the mood of the narrative and create a moment that will resonate with the viewer. All of the elements (subject, styling, hair, make-up, location, lighting and posing) need to be captured perfectly in camera, as I prefer to spend time creating rather than fixing in post-production.

Would you like to still be doing what you’re doing until the end of time? How do you keep your style/ imagery authentic? Time is a sparse commodity and I fear that mine will be up before I have created and achieved everything I have dreamed of. My art and interests are continuously developing as I grow as a person, so I don’t think I will be doing things this way forever, but I will always be a visual artist.

Would you say you run with a pack in regards to competition, or are you marching to your own beat? Most of my friends are photographers and I am affiliated with several photographic groups and initiatives, so I am always learning and sharing with my peers. However, I don’t care much for what is trending as it too will be a passing phase. I believe that if you can find and cultivate what makes you unique as a person and pull that through into your work, you will be successful.

She is pretty cool. Yolandi

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