One of the most friendliest women, Ingrid Alice is full of talent. Her images are just breathtaking, and makes for pure beautiful, visual art.

“Creatives may not be Drs but we save lives and create jobs in a different way and are equally as important.”

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY –Ingrid Alice Photography

WHERE DO YOU RESIDE CURRENTLY – Jhb – However I have just bought a Beach Cottage in Kommetjie – where I will be spending a lot of my time – and will set up a studio there.

WHAT IS YOUR TITLE/JOB – Creative Director & Photographer


FACEBOOK LINK – @Ingrid Alice Photography

TWITTER LINK – @bigcitylifemag

INSTAGRAM LINK – @IngridAlicePhotography

If you had to describe your favourite thing about photography, what would it be, and also, your least favourite thing?

It’s late at night. It’s pitch dark outside, and I am happy and tired from a busy day of shooting. I am probably sitting on the floor, definitely with a cup of tea in my hand, in a huge mansion, or a basic bungalow. I’m surrounded by the my entire crew. We are chatting about the day, laughing about what went wrong, and what surprised us. Breaking down what went surprisingly well, and planning tomorrow, where we will be lucky enough to do it all again.
Least Favourite:
Choosing final selects. I am a Libra and a Wood Rabbit –  so you know the most decisive of all. I can sometimes get 500 shots down to 200, but how do I choose the best 12 for the editorial? Let’s do a book instead. Or maybe a few books…

How much of your life is filled with only photography? Is it a passionate passion, or more of a hobby, or does it give you more nightmares than it does good for you…Photography is part of my creative box of tricks. I think of it as the scarlet and pink crayons that I have in my arsenal. Everything intertwines. I work mainly in brand building, so the concept generation part will be the Creative Direction role, which would symbolise the initial drawing stage – as all good stories, begin with “Once Upon A Time”, and the photography will be the colouring-in part of the process.

In actual % I would say its probably 50% of my work load currently. I also have been involved in fashion recently – but I see that as brand building. 

Photography is my passion. I always promised myself that I would stay true to this creative craft as it is my main source of inspiration, fun and it’s also my escape.

This choice has at times kept me up at night – as my style is very different to what is expected from a South African photographer.

I believe if you are true to your style and craft, that the clients who resonate with you will seek you out. Thankfully this has become my reality, and the clients I work with are drawn to my work because of  their own emotional connection to the images.

I think it is a fallacy that work cannot be your passion. We are taught to believe that growing up. I am rebelling against that. I think we spend too many hours at work for it not to be fun! Sure you can have stressful days, that may not go according to plan – but it must always be your passion, as it makes those days easier to deal with.

What is your favourite genre, and in what type of photography would you consider yourself great at? How did this come about...
I consider myself to be at the very infancy of this craft. I think my skill lies more in the idea of an image. I am on a continuous learning journey. I am rather a nerd though – so I love the lighting element of a shoot – and can spend hours tinkering with different lighting set ups and compositions. I also think my skill lies in mixing artificial and natural light – which is why I enjoy location work so much.

If I had to say the word “great” – would absolutely be “great” in selecting my team. I am great at hunting them down and stalking the best people who I then beg, borrow or persuade into working with me.

What I do – it’s not about me – it’s about my team. I work small – even though it looks at times like a large production. It never is. The team I have on set is a make-up and hair artist – which is one person, the stylist and the model. I may have someone to help me carry lights if we are walking up mountains – but they will not be responsible for anything other than that. As I am super OCD with my lighting setups and always do them myself.

Then there will be my amazing work partner in crime, Philippa from Purple Raindrop. She and I have been friends our entire lives, and she will keep everything running smoothly and make sure we are all safe and don’t do anything too stupid hopefully. She is pure Project Management SUPER POWER!

Photography is all about team work. Who you have at your back, front and centre is the difference between a good photo and a great photo.

I would love to get more involved with film one day – when I grow up :)!

Would you like to still be doing what you’re doing until the end of time? How do you keep your style/ imagery authentic? And do you feel it ever-evolves?
My style is definitely ever-evolving. Although the more I shoot – the more I am discovering what makes my heart tick. I suspect that there may always be a trend of story telling and fantasy worlds – I like make-believe. I believe going with the flow is vital to any creative craft. My work from as recently as a year ago I can’t recognise. So I suspect that I will continue to try new things and evolve as time passes.

How creative would you say you get in your particular field, and how…
Creativity for me is everything. I literally imagine I have no budgets or no constraints and then figure out how to make it happen. The idea is everything. The implementation is a process. The photography is the fun part as you get to go on an adventure.

Is art alive still? What future does it have?
Art is alive and well.!It is breathing in the soul of every city and in the hills of faraway African countries. It is literally heaving through the pixels of all our smart phones and computers. It may have changed in a traditional sense – but the only thing we have that is constant in this life is change – so that is ok.

I believe in the future, we will see even more cross-pollination of the creative crafts – you can feel it already happening – just from Design Indaba this year. Food is cross processing with science with design with photography – it’s all combining in an amalgamation of ideas.

There has always been art – and there will always be art. The important thing is to not lose our personal reasons for why we ventured into this. Design / Photography / Food / Architecture whatever your choice. I think whole heartedly that the people who go into these fields are motivated by an innate need to change the world in some small way. It may just be as important as making one women feel beautiful as Sue Bryce does, or it could be as big as Christian Benimana who builds sustainable hospitals in impossible locations – whatever it is – don’t let the world beat it out of you. Stay strong and as you say – march to your own drum beat.

If you were to surprise us, do you have something you could share, like a photography/ editing tip, or something you swear by, or something that might have happened to you which was life-changing or had blown your mind? 
My life changing tip – prime lenses. LOVE! I battle to shoot on anything more than 1.8. I have to physically make myself change the dial. Give them a try  – they are AMAZING!

Lighting is easy. I was so stressed about this when I started. It’s easy – it’s so easy – like easy, easy. I think people way over complicate it. Learn your lights – your world will open up to you in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

70-200 is a seriously versatile lens. It was the last one I ever experimented with. It can be life changing if you are in a stressful shoot and you need to get great images in a small time-frame.

Creative Live – totally changed my life. There is so much access to so much information there. I am always trying to learn – from everyone.

If you had anything else to add this, something you want this audience to know, please include below… Just do what you love, find your tribe – the money will come. Don’t be so impatient. We live in such a fast society – it’s like you have to have instant success over night or else you are a failure. It takes years and years to learn and find what it is you are all about.

Get business savvy. You can be the best creative in the world – if you don’t know how to market yourself or price yourself correctly you are stating on a loosing streak.

Find your tribe, always feed your soul by doing work you love. Stay away from the negative stuff.

“Everything you can imagine is real”.
Pablo Picasso

Ingrid, is an awesome. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it, and her. Yolandi

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