Quite the traveler, and an all-round fun guy, Adriaan Louw is an Instagrammer, and a very skilled photographer, jumping from rooftop to rooftop in Pretoria, getting some epic pics.

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY – I founded Louwkul for all my creative endeavors but my photography mainly happens under my name Adriaan Louw or @adriaanlouw on Instagram

WHERE DO YOU RESIDE CURRENTLY – A proud resident of the Moot in Pretoria

WHAT IS YOUR TITLE/JOB – Architect | Photographer | DIY enthusiast

FACEBOOK LINK – www.facebook.com/adriaanlouw1

TWITTER LINK – @aalouw

INSTAGRAM LINK –@adriaanlouw

Would you say you run with a pack in regards to competition, or are you marching to your own beat? I am struggling, but I am attempting a healthy balance, photography is a personal thing to me. I have a tight group of friends whom I go take photos with but I have found if you spend too much time looking at what others do, you end up a spectator not a photographer.

Would you say your style is specific – do you follow a trend in particular? Not at all, I have no idea what I am doing. I think my photography is probably inspired by geometry, architecture and what I find visually stimulating on a day to day basis. I unwillingly do follow some trends because of Instagram but I try to stay intuitive.

What is your most prized possession? I can’t hide it, I love my 1995 Land Rover Defender Tdi but my most sentimental possession would be my 1971 Olympus OM-2 inherited from my grandfather. He actually took a very primitive version of a selfie with it on the Twin Towers in New York during the late 70’s, I have the negatives of it.

What is your story on how you became a photographer? If anyone inspired you significantly who would that be/were they? My first camera, at the age of 4, was a colourful Kodak 110 with a disposable flash. So effectively I was cooler then but I have always approached photography very intuitively and through the years just kept snapping away. I really only started putting in more effort during my architectural studies. There wasn’t any great inspiration but I now get inspired by my friends and fellow photographers. The likes of @alessiolr, @timmee, @samdave69 to name some.

What is your favourite genre, and in what type of photography would you consider yourself great at? Being critical I won’t consider greatness but I most enjoy urban exploration and street photography. Whether in my own town, Pretoria, or while traveling I am naturally drawn to cities. I enjoy just walking and seeing what I can get.

If you were to surprise us, do you have something you could share, like a photography/ editing tip, or something you swear by, or something that might have happened to you which was life-changing or had blown your mind?

I can maybe admit to this as some sort of advice; TAKE LESS PHOTOS! Yes, sometimes just put down your camera and experience life, space or moments without trying to capture them. This might seem counterproductive and I still struggle with this but seriously. I first realized this in the Vatican a few years back after trying to take photos, illegally off course, and being caught. I was ushered out and had to delete everything, only then I realized, not only did I not have any of the shoddy secret photos –  I also didn’t even take the proper time to just be there and experience the space. Some things are better left un-photographed.   


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