From Las Vegas, WPPI speakers, and all-round genuine people, Jason and JoAnne are such characters. What a fantastic, bubbly, lively couple! These two are still clearly in love – and are SO good, at what they do. Together they are Imagine Photography, specialising in weddings and portraiture, and also providing workshops for the education of photographers.

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY – Imagine Photography

WHERE DO YOU RESIDE CURRENTLY – In a small town just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada USA






If you had to describe your favourite thing about photography, what would it be, and also, your least favourite thing? 

JoAnne: I love people watching. I love watching and waiting for that amazing moment to happen so I can document it, and freeze it in time, for my clients to cherish. My least favorite is actually having to talk to people. Ha! I’m kind of joking but not! I have a little bit of social anxiety that I’m working on. Thank goodness for having Jason around, he is helping me come out of my shell 🙂 Jason: My favorite thing is meeting new people almost daily! I’m a huge people person so this really resonates with me. My least favorite thing is doing the business end.

What is your story on how you became photographers? If anyone inspired you significantly who would that be/were they? 

JoAnne: I took a photography course in high school. I figured it would be an “easy A”. I slowly fell in love with playing the the camera and seeing the different images I was creating. My husband was the one that years later inspired me. He wasn’t a photographer at the time. He saw potential in me and started working along side me and pushed me. Together we have worked to achieve a whole new level of creativity. Jason: I became a photographer after meeting JoAnne and watching her create amazing photographs for clients. She definitely inspired me to get involved as her second shooter, and it’s all grown from there.

How much of your life is filled with only photography? Is it a passionate passion, or more of a hobby, or does it give you more nightmares than it does good for you…

Jason: Photography encompasses a huge portion of our lives, and we are photographing either professionally or just day to day life each day.

What is your most prized possession? Would you give it up for any reason though?

JoAnne: I would consider my family as my most prized possession. Everything I do is ultimately for them. When I create images there is a selfish reason but I also want my kids to see me succeed and know that they can achieve their dreams as well. Jason: Hmm….That’s a tough one. I’m a musician and I own some cool guitars and guitar amplifiers that I absolutely love, but none of those things matter to me more than my family.

Would you say your style is specific – do you follow a trend in particular? Is this something you would advise people against – following anyone, or anything in particular?

Jason: I definitely have a specific style of photography, and it comes from getting to know myself better. I don’t follow the path others take, but I do find inspiration in their work. I try to seek out those I admire, and learn from them, but not copy them. I definitely do not follow trends. Trends come and go, and when they go, the style looks dated. I prefer timeless style.

What is your favourite genre, and in what type of photography would you consider yourself great at? How did this come about. 

JoAnne:I’ve always enjoyed photographing weddings but lately I’ve realized that I really love documenting families. I guess this makes sense because I enjoy people watching and seeing how families interact with each other. I may not be that great at it at this point but would love to explore it more in the future. Jason: We work most in weddings and portraiture, but we also enjoy working in commercial and documentary photography. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself great at any of them, but I would say I’m most capable with use of light when it comes to photography.

Would you say you run with a pack in regards to competition, or are you marching to your own beat? What IS competition to you, does it even exist for you? 

JoAnne: I have a tough time with this. I am constantly competing with myself, well maybe my husband too. I see our current work and compare it to our earlier work and I know we are always improving, but I always want more. There is so much to learn and so much more to improve on. I love that our work can always evolve. Jason: I feel competition doesn’t exist. Why? Because we are only trying to better ourselves, and there is no real measuring stick for if we are better than another photographer. I don’t want to be better than anyone else, I just want to be the best I can be.

Why specifically did you choose the images you had sent through at that point in time?

Jason: These images best represent our style of work.

How do you keep your style/ imagery authentic? And do you feel it ever-evolves?

Jason: I definitely can see myself doing this until the day I die. As far as being authentic, I just stick to being myself and that helps keep things authentic. I definitely evolve in my skill-set, I’m learning daily, and that does help my style evolve or become more refined.

Your biggest goal when shooting would be? So every time you go out and shoot, you hope to get what…

JoAnne:A true reflection of our clients personalities is always something that I want to be a part of the final results. Jason: For us we just hope to provide images that are on par with what our clients expect, and if we can exceed that, even better.

How much would you say creativity is a part of you and the decisions you make within your field? 

Jason: Since we are photographers, creativity is a huge part of what we do. Sure, most of what we do is run our business, and we are only actually photographing a small percentage of the time. But if we aren’t pushing ourselves to be creative we will fail our clients and ourselves.

Is art alive still? What future does it have?

Jason: Not only is it alive, it’s ever-changing and often becoming retro. For instance, print is making a huge comeback. People are beginning to realize that this is a forgotten generation. As soon as Facebook and Instagram disappear in a decade, all of the images we’ve all taken will disappear with them unless we get back to what our parents and grandparents did, which is print albums and wall art to display in our homes, and hand down to our children.

In 5 years from now – where would your mind have wandered, and what would your ultimate goal for then be?

Jason: I’m hoping to be doing more and more education for other photographers, helping to shape the next generation who are just starting out in the business.

If you were to surprise us, do you have something you could share, like a photography/ editing tip, or something you swear by, or something that might have happened to you which was life-changing or had blown your mind? 

Jason: Travel, see the world, get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. You will come back a much better person for doing so.

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