Audrey Salomon from the Netherlands has her own children’s clothing label called Molly, Polly and Jackson, and illustrates and designs the comical character for them, herself.

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY – Molly, Polly & Jackson

WHERE DO YOU RESIDE CURRENTLY – Utrecht, The Netherlands






If you had to describe your favourite thing about working as a designer, what would it be….and are there cons to it as well? My favourite thing, is the luxury of working with creative people & to divide your own time. There are no cons, because it is a super profession.

Would you say your style is specific – do you follow a trend in particular? Is this something you would advise people against – following anyone, or anything in particular? The Molly,Polly & Jackson characters are very specific. I do not follow a trend. But sometimes if I am working as an illustrator I need to follow trends. Just drawing what the client wants. By creating, you will find your own style. Do not be a copycat.

Would you say you run with a pack in regards to competition, or are you marching to your own beat? What IS competition to you, does it even exist for you? Sometimes I am in competition with myself. To make more cool drawings.

Do you look back at earlier work and think it has completely changed from what you do now… Yes,  I always like to develop new work. In the ‘90’s I was a lingerie designer.

Why design specifically….? Because it is lot’s of fun creating things. As well as hand-drawing. So you can make a mess. And with digital drawing you can keep your workspace clean & easy to take with you when you travel.

How much would you say creativity is a part of you and the decisions you make within your field?  Would you say it takes a great deal of creatively actually to keep your work fresh? Is a lot of actually technical? Hmmm, I think one part is in yourself. So creativity comes within & by lots of hard work you can develop your own style. You can learn the technical part but the creative part you need to develop yourself.

Is art alive still, in the way you would like for it to be? What future does it have? Yes on the web you can find a lot of cool art. Like Juxtapoz, streetart, galleries, on blogs. You see clothing brands working with artists. It’s really cool what is happening.

If you were to sum up the current artistic, creative climate in your country, what would you say it is, or how would you describe it – is it a bunch of artists working together on projects, or everyone more for himself? Has this too, changed over time? Do you WANT it to be more collaborative, or do you prefer going at it on your own…

The creative climate is collaborating but also independent. I think both has changed due to the economic crisis. Artists & companies are more collaborating to create something new. I prefer collaborations so you have also a different input.  I am not so focused on my own country but more what’s happening internationally.

If you had anything else to add this, something you want this audience to know, either about yourself, or just to add, please include below… Molly, Polly & Jackson is open for collaborations & live drawing.

Audrey was a darling to speak to.


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