Roza Lee is a designer who lives in Australia, with a very successful Etsy store, and well-known for her beautiful scarves she creates, mostly themed with wings, or birds. Shovava is the name of her brand and design, and owing a Shovava scarf myself, I know how stunning they are. They are used in interesting shoots by people all over the world, and Roza’s friendly service when ordering makes it a joy to work with her.


WHAT IS YOUR TITLE/JOB – Artist, designer, illustrator




INSTAGRAM LINK – @shovava 

What is YOU favourite thing about working as a designer, and are there any cons to it as well? I think that creative people are luckiest people in the world. There is a saying “ if you do what you love, you won’t have to work a day in your life”.  I’d say, sharing the beauty I create, is my favorite thing. I have  always wanted to create pieces that will uplift people, even change the way they hold themselves. Can’t think of cons at the moment.

Did design find you? Not sure it found me, since I was pretty much born into it. Both of my parents are artists and I started creating before I could speak.

Is there a favourite thing you like to try within this industry, when approaching projects? I love experimenting with colors. Color is a huge part of my art – I work with it in every possible way, and I am always searching for new experiments and tones. I get really excited when just 2 -3 colors go just that perfectly together.

Is designing and illustrating, an everyday practise for you, does it fill up your life? It is my everyday practice. Even during breaks, my mind is in creative mode.

Is there a certain trend you follow, and is competition a concern at all for you? To be honest, I was never concerned with competition. Healthy competition can be fun and add a sense of necessary challenge.  However, when people start blatantly ripping your designs off, it can be quite disheartening.

Would you like to still be doing what you’re doing until the end of time? Yes, I would like to keep doing what I am doing in some shape or form.  Authenticity comes from your inner essence, and each artist should be able to let it shine through. Of course there is a natural progress in my work and it is changing constantly, my medium, my style. I feel that I keep outgrowing certain tendencies in the art that I create.

Getting creative is key – or is it? Luckily I can get as creative as I want in my field and because I combine traditional illustration skills with computer technology, there are almost no limits. It can get quite technical in terms of knowing computer programs, so knowing your “tools” is quite important.

How alive is art still? Of course its alive, I guess it depends on how one defines it. I wouldn’t have a clue about its future – all I know is that the universe is generally going towards some greater complexity.  I personally don’t always separate the two: art and design, the lines can be quite blurred.

Do you believe in collaboration, WOULD you like to collaborate in the future with other artists? I’d say Australia has both: artists working on their own and collaborating. Of course it;s changing over time. With the Internet ever present in our lives, artists are able to connect more and more and work on projects together. I would like to collaborate with other artists as well as work on my own projects.

Roza is a joy to look at, her designs are exquisite, and she is such an amazing, inspired artist.


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