Known as Steff, Estefania really knows how to create magical wedding images. Having had won varius Fujifilm Professional- and Fearless awards, Steff really knows how to capture a wedding, in the utmost of special ways. ‘I try to be as green as possible as a person, and as professional a photographer’.

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY – Estefania Romero

WHERE DO YOU RESIDE CURRENTLY –I reside in South Africa and spend the winters in México (summer there)




TWITTER LINK – steffromerov

INSTAGRAM LINK – estefania_romero

Do you have a VERY favourite thing about photography? It’s fun, I feel like there’s always something new to learn and try out. I love to see how my style evolves over time. What I like the least is when clients expect you to take hundreds of images and do not appreciate the value of a handful of good photographs.

Tell us…how YOU, became a photographer? My Dad taught me how to use a camera, he had a Pentax which he carried with him all the time. I started taking photos from a young age, around 8 years old. I remember taking lots of photos of my baby sister. When I decided to study communication sciences, I was excited that my first ever University class was photography.  Getting to use the darkroom and develop your own film was like magic!

How much of your life, is filled with this passion for photography? I believe only a passionate photographer can become successful. It’s a creative field and if you’re enjoy it then sooner or later it will reflect in the quality of your work.

Do you have a specific style – or do you follow any trends at all? I believe my style has changed and will continue changing or evolving overtime. Just like the way I dress or the way I do my hair. We grow up, and find new styles – we like or go back to something we liked before. I used to use the rule of thirds a lot, not I can’t get enough of centering the subject!

Would you like to still be doing what you’re doing until the end of time? It (my style)definitely evolves, if you’re not trying new things and learning day by day then you will get stuck. I try be better every time I shoot. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to be a wedding photographer until I’m old, because wow it’s hard work! You need to be agile and fit. But I’d love to do more travel photography!

Why did you choose the images you chose, for this feature… The images I’m sending are some of my favourites, just because they all make me smile whenever I look at them.

In what you do, how much does creativity play a role? Sometimes it’s not so much about creativity, but just about creating a beautiful moment for the subject in front of the camera.

Do you think art, ….is still alive? Does is have a future still, in photography, if at all? It definitely is alive, it always will be. True art is timeless

Surprise us and share something interesting…Lately I’ve been playing around with in-camera double exposures, using my Canon 5D MarkIII. I first learned how to do double exposures with a film camera. But now the new cameras let you use Live view when doing double exposure, it’s definitely really helpful! You no longer need to memorize the first image to try fit it in perfectly with the second exposure 🙂

Steff believes: “Stay true to your style.  Your work represents who you are, unique people express themselves in all different ways, from the way they dress to the art they make, it’s all part of being yourself!”


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