Creative, strong, hardworking Mia Ziervogel started the fashion print, Dossier Magazine, after having had been a commercial photographer for 30 years. Mia – has stamina for days. Pouring all she is, into this superbly high-quality magazine, she strives to bring the best in a magazine filled with fashion, beauty, art, photography, shopping and travel.

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY – Dossier Magazine

WHAT IS YOUR TITLE/JOB – Editor (creator of Dossier Magazine)




If you had to describe your favourite thing about working as an editor, what would it be….and are there cons to it as well? I am easily bored, and there is absolutely nothing boring about running a magazine. It is extremely difficult to publish a magazine with creative content in SA- clients are very wary of titles which is not international- which is a pity. Every day is a challenge. But on the flip side-I get to do and see incredible things.

Would you say your style of preparing the magazine is specific – do you follow a trend in particular? Is this something you would advise people against – following anyone, or anything in particular? We have a “templet” of how Dossier gets put together- the combination of content and ads. We work with themes as well- be in a photo issue, or a beauty issue- but things basically get formulated in my head and then freelancers step in to complete the issue.

I spend a lot of time reading magazines, on websites , I keep abreast of everything in the style/fashion/photography/travel arena.

My advice to anyone, would be DO NOT try this at home. It is a treacherous industry.

How do you keep your style/ imagery authentic? Do you look back at earlier work and think it has completely changed from what you do now…  I don’t look back-I am always thinking of the next issue, the next shoot , the next article. I think as I see so many shoots and articles, my style changes with time, automatically. It is important to continually keep looking at new things. Sculpture, art, movies, everything is important.

Why being an editor specifically….? Because I am crazy!

How creative would you say you get in your particular field…How much would you say creativity is a part of you and the decisions you make within your field?  Would you say it takes a great deal of creatively actually to keep your work fresh? Is a lot of actually technical? You have to be creative all the time- I propose a million different shoots and advertorials to clients- all day- and get to implement them when a client has the budget. It is very idea based. Everything in a magazine has to start with idea.

If you were to sum up the current artistic, creative climate in your country, what would you say it is, or how would you describe it – is it a bunch of artists working together on projects, or everyone more for himself? Has this too, changed over time? Do you WANT it to be more collaborative, or do you prefer going at it on your own…I get very sad for SA- it is an incredibly hard country in which to be creative. We need to learn to respect artists and creativity- and our government is absent when it comes to real support. Artistic communities have to be created- but at the moment it is just about survival. Each individual at this stage, is just trying to keep from sinking. We have far to go.

We need to start teaching art to rural kids from a young age- we are probably missing out on huge talent because it is not fostered from a young age. So much has to change.

Did the job find you? Did you create it yourself? I was a commercial photographer for 30 years, but I am magazine obsessed- I always knew I would start a magazine. So ten years ago, I did just that.

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