One of the few X-Photographers of Fujifilm South Africa, respected fine-art photographer Peter Delaney has a silent authority, and still remains to be a great guy. Considering himself an emotional photographer, he feels photography completely “consumes his life”. Peter honestly answered these, admitting he isn’t sure about his style. Be that he loves photography, is certain. As Skep/Create is all about showing the world’s creative people, I see more and more, how creativity comes in so many different forms.

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY – Peter Delaney Fine Art Photography


WHAT IS YOUR TITLE/JOB – Nature- and Travel Photographer





So YOUR story is? Photography came late in my life. I was in my late 20’s, living in the UK when I fell in love with the art of photography. My biggest influence was a UK documentary photographer called Don McCullin,- his photographs changed my life forever..

Do you have a specific style? No idea if I have a style or not..its not something I ever think about, I am an emotional photographer and I photograph when something pulls at my heart strings.

How much of your life, is filled with this passion for photography? I live and breathe photography…it is my vocation and, totally consumes my life. It also pays my bills as it’s my full time job.

What is YOUR favourite genre? I love black and white documentary photography – that is my first love, I fell in love with Nature Photography on a gradual basis. Whether I am great at photography, is something I never think about as I always believe that no matter how good you think you are , you can do better….

The specific images you chose for this gallery – why them? My personal favourites, and photographs that I sell most of as Fine Art Prints.

Would you like to still be doing what you’re doing until the end of time? I just want to be photographer, that’s all – nothing else ..I am living my dream. I feel very blessed and privileged to be a photographer.

Your biggest goal when shooting, would be? So every time you go out and shoot, you hope to get what… I try and not have expectations, especially with Nature Photography as you rely on so many elements to come together to make a photograph. I just do the best I can when an opportunity arises. If I fail, I just remind myself another opportunity will always comes along.

In what you do, how much does creativity play a role? I believe, creativity plays an important part in my work, I try and be as creative as much as I can be “in the camera”, but the digital darkroom has given me tools to express my creativity. At times I will enhance a photograph to express my vision of a subject or a scene.

Do you think art, ….is still alive? While humanity exists so will Art. As humans evolve so will Art.

Surprise us and share something interesting… – “your photographs are a mirror to oneself”. If you want to be a better photographer you must grow as individual. Share your knowledge with others. DON’T be afraid to fail. Your reputation is everything.

Most importantly – print your photographs. That should always be the reason why you take them. There is something magical about picking up a “Fine Art Print”, feeling the texture of the paper and looking at the photograph. Then frame it – and hang it in your home.


What a great soul, follow Peter, and his journey with Nature- and Travel Photography.


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