Originally from Spain and now living in London, published illustrator Antiono Lorente creates haunting illustrations that borders on surreal, and bizarre, and still, maintains to keep a beauty. I had seen an illustration of well-known model Romanie Smith, and wanted to make contact with him. As Skep/Create‘s goal is to showcase all creatives, he definitely thinks and draws from creativity. Antonio apologised for his unpolished English..

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY – Antonio Lorente

WHERE DO YOU RESIDE CURRENTLY – I currently living in London


WEBSITE LINK – www.antoniolorente.com

FACEBOOK LINK – https://www.facebook.com/antoniolorenteart

TWITTER LINK – https://twitter.com/lorentenizado

INSTAGRAM LINK – instagram.com/antonioilustrando/

Did design find YOU? Not really, I was actually the one who found it. From a young age my passion for art made me realise that this was the path that I was born to follow.

Tell us about your most prized possession: My most prized possession probably, is a Frida Kahlo portrait that I drew in 2012. It´s at home and I wouldn’t like to sell it. It’s like my small treasure.

How is your style specific, do you follow ANY trends? I will say my artwork probably fit into the genre Pop Surreal. My illustrations are disproportionate. Larger head than the body, huge eyes and fragile bodies. My theory is that the disproportion is proportion. I love artists like Mark Ryden, John Currin or Da Vinci.

Do you fill your life with drawing? To be honest, since I was a child I was drawing almost everyday. It wasn’t my job. At the beginning it was occasionally, but since 1 year ago I used to draw around 8 hours per day as a job. Now I am working for editorials and they want the orders as soon as possible.

What is competition to YOU specifically? For me… for me competition doesn’t exist. The important thing is doing what you really love and the rest – doesn’t matter.

I’ve always said that hard work brings its rewards. I think in this world you must always be able to renew yourself. I like my job, I would like to continue drawing for the rest of my life. But always, to be busy with innovating- and making new things.

Do you sometimes look back at earlier work, and see the changes and evolving way it has grown? Definitely. Every season is different and my job has changed a lot since I started. At first I distorted my characters a lot, and now they are more and more human … But always keeping my style and essence, of course.

Where does a new project start for you?  That’s a really hard question, because I never know how to start a new project, BUT I always have my notebook in my hands to start the first sketches.

Connecting with- and contacting Antiono was such a pleasant, and friendly experience.

I would highly recommend following him.


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