Vusani Ravele is the engineer who started Native Decor. It’s pieces of timber, you want to have. The natural look of these products is what makes it so popular, and its minimalistic feel adds to every home. Vusi answered a few questions.


WHERE DO YOU RESIDE CURRENTLY – Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

WHAT IS YOUR TITLE/JOB – Sales Manager by day, Craftsman every other minute


FACEBOOK LINK – Native Decor

TWITTER LINK – @Native_Decor

INSTAGRAM LINK – nativedecor

So working with your hands – what is the best thing about it?  Being able to shape the outcome of a natural product from a flat/shapeless piece of timber to something truly remarkable.

Is there at all a prized possession you perhaps have?  My CNC machine as I invested so much of my time to giving it life, maintaining, and creating with it. It’s hard to imagine giving up your first – so for now I would hang onto it for dear life. It was after all built to my specs, and has taken me on a journey.

Is there a favourite thing you like to you, when approaching projects? I like to keep it minimalist and particularly enjoy keeping the style flatpack – not like the generic IKEA types but more inventive and creative. Where else would you find flatpack home décor made with sustainable timber such as birch plywood?

Is crafting, an everyday practise for you, does it fill up your life? I craft/create as much as possible in my free time. The ideas and prototyping never really stop as it is somewhat of an addiction. If not for deadlines like photoshoots and the website launch, none of my ideas would ever be complete in the purest sense as I am continually tweaking and perfecting.

Did this craft…find you? Yes, it was never my plan. The bug bit when my girlfriend innocently bought me my first power tool for Valentines Day of 2015 – a cordless drill set. The rest is history.

Where would a new project even start to happen for you – where is the beginning? I usually start with a rough idea in my head and a sketch book. I do a lot of iterations and once the idea is much clearer then the engineering starts.

Getting creative is key – or is it? Creativity is core to changing the form of timber from one shape to another in order to create unique products. The technical aspect makes it challenging and exciting.

How alive is art still? I would to think that design is art and art is design. They will always be interlinked with each other as long as we can appreciate beautiful things.

Do you believe in collaboration, WOULD you like to collaborate in the future with other artists? I think collaborations are becoming very popular as artists need to share and receive more creative input to stay relevant these days. Also, creative resources and technologies are moving toward sharing and collaboration.

Vusi has amazing vision for Native Decor still. He’s evolving, changing – we’ll watch this one.