Alexi is a friend, a great guy, and with almost 100k followers on Instagram, he’s capturing things the people definitely want to see. Skep/Create’s goal is to showcase the many various creative people amongst us, all doing different things, through different mediums of artistic, creative expressions, and Alexi is our first proud feature. He answered a few questions.

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY  – No company yet, but I go by alexioso at the moment

WHERE DO YOU RESIDE CURRENTLY – Johannesburg, South Africa

WHAT IS YOUR TITLE/JOB – I am a recruitment consultant working in a family business

WEBSITE LINK – (its currently under construction) :\

FACEBOOK LINK – Alexi Portokallis

TWITTER LINK – @alexiport


Describe your favourite thing about photography: Getting out the house, and forcing yourself to live, experience – and meet people. I used to like drawing but it’s such a lonely art form and it does not fit with my personality. Photography makes you challenge yourself, look deep inside and see the world differently. By documenting what you see, you bring out the beauty in your life and actually become excited for new things. I mean – sunrise and sunset everyday, is now a new adventure that I look forward to.

So the story – on how you became a photographer…: Well it all started with Instagram. I enjoyed taking photos before –  but Instagram really started the passion. From the first Instawalk I went on, I started to enjoy photography more and more. Each photo I took turned into some game of which, I wanted to get better. Slowly I started to enjoy the “artful” more and more. I then picked up a nikon camera and have not looked back since. I have not really been inspired by any photographers but more Instagrammers in South Africa, like Roywrench, Garethpon, Alessiolr and the crew!

Percentage of your day, filled with only photography?  I would say 85%… I think my wife kinda hates me for it.

What is specific to your style?  I like darker, less saturated photos.

What’s your feeling on competition, and/ or…running with any sort of pack…:  I think a bit of both at the moment (I do). I still have lots to learn. Ideally I would like to lead with ideas but I also think its all been done before. I am now just trying to make my own brand of whats been done.

Is this an end-of-time thing thing for you? Never! I love to learn and change and grow. The person I am today –  better change tomorrow, or I might as well dig a grave, and bury myself today.

How do you keep your style/ imagery authentic? I believe there is no such thing as authenticity. It’s all been done… that being said, I still want to make all my work my own… I guess Picasso said it the best way… “bad artists copy, good artists steal”- I THINK, thats how he said it.  

Surprise us with something…anything…: Editing tip? Keep the image as natural as you shot it, you are capturing real raw life, keep it that way. I change tones and mood, but never want to add too much colours and make images look fake and computer generated.

I think this tip is what changed me from being an Instagrammer to becoming a photographer…

Alexi is fun to hang around with, fun to be friends with, and a raw talent, always wanting to stay himself, but still inspire.